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4.5 sexy STARS!!!
I’d never read this author… now I want to devour every book she’s written! Kella McKinnon is fantabulous!! Her style and flow and character development and…everything about this book was excellent!!

The good stuff? Ohmigosh! Where do I begin?! I won’t spoil too much, and in fact only skim the surface. This is a book you MUST read!

Characters… Brie and Cristos, both, exceeded the expectations I deducted from the blurb. They were intriguing, complex, and mysterious. I find that some books have a Hero and heroine who are great together, interacting with dialogue, but fall flat separately. This book was far from that! They could both stand alone and be just as engaging. Brie was a strong and independent woman. A woman who’d been through some pretty awful events in her life and had plans to put that hurt, fear, anger, and helplessness to good use. Brie has big dreams. It was great to see! She wasn’t about to be pushed around even if Criss was an incredibly sexy alpha male. And the amazing Criss? He was a casino owner who was sexy and mysterious. A noted play-boy. Never giving the same woman more than one night. Not even ‘night’. More like get-in-get-off-get-out. I’m honestly not a huge fan of characters like that. Unless they move me. Move me to an unexpected emotion. And Criss most definitely did!!

So why only 4.5 and not 5 stars? Well if I’m completely honest, I don’t know. There were a few characters that I’m sure I’ll get more from in book 2, but that didn’t stop me from wondering about them. Every. Chapter. I felt Brianna’s brother hovering the back of my mind. A looming sense and that, at times made me feel as if I couldn’t get the full enjoyment of the book.

The way the story line developed through each of the characters eyes? Terrific! The hints of Cristos’s past weaved within? Brilliant! The laugh-out-loud moments I had with Brie’s inner monologue? 2-thumbs-up! And the attraction, sexual tension, the heat, the passion, need, lust, and want between them? SCORCHING HOT my friends!! Like pages in flame and melting kindle pieces!!! Read this book. You will not be disappointed!!

And oh yeah! Those words at the beginning of each chapter…I may or may not have highlighted every. single. one!

2 thoughts on “New Review from The Sassy Bookista!”

  1. I read both part1 n 2 and once again they are awesome. I can not wait for your next book. All your books are the perfect companion for any avid reader like me.


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