Oh Cristos, what have you done? Readers weigh in on his rash behavior…

  Well Cristos, you seem to have stirred up some controversy!  It seems that readers either love you or hate you. At the moment the score is leaning slightly towards love, but that could change at any moment…

When I wrote the In Deep series, I knew that Cristos’s rash actions in the second book in his attempt to keep Brielle would offend some readers, and make others down-right angry. What I’ve been hearing from those who have read the books is a mix of many different emotions… and just as many opinions.

Here are some of the words most commonly used to describe this complicated, lovable (or unlovable?) man. Which camp are you in?

Pro-Cristos:                         Anti-Cristos

intriguing                               unlikable

determined                           misogynistic

sexy                                         violent

hot alpha male                     ego-centric


And where do I stand?

Though I can see both sides, I’m with Cristos on this one.

Yeah he’s completely selfish and a little unstable, but he’s spent his whole life just trying to survive… the guy hasn’t even had time to learn how to put others first… but he’s at least willing to learn.

Would I want to date a man like Cristos in real life?

Um, hell no!

Chances are things would not work out the way they did in In Deeper, and I probably would have killed the man at some point, or at least hit him over the head with a heavy, blunt object. But this is why I read… it’s fantasy… suspended disbelief… where anything can happen, and I, personally, can go along for the ride without having to deal with any of the consequences.


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